Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Abe running for president?


Abe is running for president because too many of our leaders in Washington are caught up in petty politics and are not taking their jobs seriously. Abe is a serious candidate. He has a tremendous record to run on, as the list of his accomplishments from the last time he was president is quite impressive.

Where has Abe been all these years?


Abe has been in Springfield, Illinois taking some much needed time off. His presidency, the Civil War, and subsequent assassination *attempt* on his life took a lot out of him. He need to take a break and relax. Now that he is rested he is prepared to re-assume the role he was always meant for.

Where does Abe's campaign money come from?


Abe raises all of his money from small dollar contributions online. If you would like to donate to his campaign you can visit the donation page to make your contribution.

How do I volunteer for the campaign?


Volunteering on the Abe for Prez campaign is easy. Just sign up on our volunteer form and someone from the campaign will be contacting you shortly.Β 

What major issues is Abe running on?


The major issue Abe is running on is Health Care Reform. He applauds the efforts of those in Washington now but believes that they have not gone far enough. As an elderly individual Abe has a personal stake in ensuring quality health care for all Americans.

Who is actually backing Abe?

You may have read this scathing article in the media about supposed sinister bankers and lobbyists backing Abe and running his campaign behind the scenes. Let us set the record straight...


1. Abe does not take and contributions from PAC or corporations.

2. There are no lobbyists or bankers working in Abe's campaign in any capacity.Β 

3. Abe has imposed a salary cap on his staff in order to be sure that everyone is in this for the right reasons.Β 

4. Just look at Abe's record on the issues!