Why I love NationBuilder

The fact is, a lot has changed since I last ran for President in 1864. Nearly every facet of life has been molded and shaped by the internet, but the one thing that isn't quite democratized is our great democracy itself.

That is, until NationBuilder.

Our political process has been corrupted by the good ol' boy network with obscene amounts of money, but now, even a random school teacher in Illinois can run for office without having to sell out.   NationBuilder destroys the old balance of power by tipping it from being in favor of a few to being in favor of whoever has the guts to inspire volunteers and get involved.

Your participation, from volunteering to suggesting an idea, will spread like wildfire across this sophisticated yet simple to use campaign site, onwards towards social networks like Facebook and Twitter. The voters themselves decide which ideas are the best and bring them to the forefront.  Those who donate small monthly amounts own a share of my campaign. You tell me what to do, not the other way around.

The internet has finally brought democracy unto itself. This is why I love NationBuilder.

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